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Homemade Diaper Wipes: Year 2

As we closed out a year of Meghan using homemade diaper wipes, everything began to run low.  First she ran out of baby oil – the name brand kind with aloe.  I decided to try coconut oil and baby soap, instead … Continue reading

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Homemade Baby Wipes

We are coming up on a milestone of sorts, one that I never thought would even be an issue:  Meghan has been spoiled with homemade baby wipes for almost one full year.  For both boys I used disposable wipes…I bought … Continue reading

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Mixing Your Way to Savings

I miss the days when I used to spend obscene amounts of money on things like wine, cheese, and the occasional purse.  Spending lots of money goes hand-in-hand with making lots of money.  As I am currently not doing either … Continue reading

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