She’s Two

Meghan turned two.  This is officially a non-baby year.  I’m officially sad.  She says these 6-word sentences like she’s always been a bossy girl.

“I DON’T want it THAT way!”

“I DON’T like THAT song either!”

The boys were never this definite or particular at that age.  Honestly, they’re still pretty chilled out.  We all are, which is a good thing because she is currently high-strung and demanding.  We are working on patience and self-control with her.


She adores Cheetos, Bubble Guppies, Care Bears and the great outdoors.  She loves a good adventure and has just learned how to jump.


We do quite a bit of crafting.  This must be some sort of requirement to be a child in this household.  Must create enormous mess in the name of art.  Hourly.  Monday’s have become painting day.  She’s a budding artist.


She actually has hair.  We curl her bangs every morning to keep it out of her eyes.  She detests bows and headbands.  But, will wear a tri-cornered hat for President’s Day in the name of crafting.  Of course.


Meghan turned 2.  There’s just no looking at it any other way.  She’s opinionated, resolute and quite goofy.  She’s almost potty-trained and needs to be doing whatever the boys are doing.


She’s quite big in her own eyes and very enthusiastic.  She’s been helping with the garden and I am very excited about her involvement this year.  So far she’s planted seeds and sown mischief.


Two is going to be a good growing year.




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