Three Kids On a Plane

We successfully flew on a plane with all three (little) kids.  This was new to us, as we have only ever flown with either both the boys (ages 6 & 4), or just Meghan (almost 2).  Taking all three on a relatively small plane meant that 1.  we could not all sit together and 2.  someone would be stuck with just Meg.

Zach got the boys.  I got Meg.  She’s very attached to her mommy and we agreed it would be best to let her have her way.  She’s a lot of work but very content when she gets her way (obviously).


Our plans were sabotaged before we even got out of the gate, as our flight was cancelled out of  PA.   We had to schedule a new flight in OH the following day, stay at a hotel in Ohio that night, wake everyone up at 4am and hope for the best.  Everyone was fairly reasonable for the 7am flight.  The boys are always up for an adventure, and Meghan was only slightly grumpy.


Everyone had their individual backpack, filled with items that I only pull out when we go on really long car rides or plane trips.  This time, a new addition was Nuun tablets & sippy-type cups.  Nuun tastes like Gatorade without the sugar.  Once we got through security, I bought a bottle of water & divided up the water/tablets in their cups prior to take-off.  Everyone had a snack and “bubble water” as Meghan calls it.  No one had ear-popping issues, which gives me great anxiety even though we’ve never had a problem with it.

I had made up these really sweet felt characters, which were a huge hit with Meghan and completely picked apart by the boys.  They made pointed comments about the lack of villains and proper weaponry.

The boys did enjoy their Lego boxes.  I also had them pack whatever they wanted to bring, which included simple stuff like paper and crayons, a few small handheld toys and a beloved stuffed animal.


Meghan loved her pom-pom stuffer.  I took old play-doh containers and cut a hole in the middle.  I melted the edges of the hole with a lighter & let her stuff pom-poms into them.  I made several different sized lids, including one with a slit for coins.


Luke actually did homework on the plane at one point.  He was very proud to have responsibilities.


The best 1-year-old time waster was Meghan’s tried and true mini animals in pill boxes.  I’ve collected these silly things over the years.  They are 40 cents each, which I consider to be cheap travel items.  I like to take things that are fun but not expensive in case we lose something.  Amazingly enough, we have never lost one permanently.  I have had people return them to me a whole year later.  “I found this mini panda in my driveway.  It must be yours.”

Meghan loved to feed them tic-tacs.  Obviously she would eat them after she fed her minis.  I’m okay with going through half a box of tic-tacs in order to keep the baby happy on the plane.


Overall, we had a really nice flight there and back.  The boys even got to check out the cockpit.


Great flight.  Next time, I want the boys.  Zach can have Meg.


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