Felt Board On the Go…Literally

We’ve continued to have good success with kindergarten pick-up and preschool drop-off/pick-up.  I checked out some felt story kits at the library a few weeks ago to add to our busy bag assortment.  The felt story kits come with a short story and the felt pieces.  No felt board, but I thought I could hold up the pieces or let the kids dance them around.

When I pulled the felt pieces out to read the story for the first time, I had a rare flash of genius insight:  We have cloth seats.  Instant felt board! 

It was like I won the lottery.  The felt pieces stick to the seats of the car!  The kids are completely enamored with them.  Meghan can retain complicated stories and remember what happens next because of the concrete pictures.  Ben and Meg are at that great age where they want to hear the same story…again and again.  The three little pigs are so much better when you can act everything out with cute, soft figures.


Everyone loves the felt pieces and the kids cannot wait for the next story…which I only do during pick-up or drop-off.  It’s so crazy to me that this dreaded confinement has turned into the magical moment of the day.

So now I have a 6-year-old that is climbing into the car…while it’s still parked in the garage…and is asking for felt stories.

Yes, that’s a magical moment.


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