Mixing Your Way to Savings

I miss the days when I used to spend obscene amounts of money on things like wine, cheese, and the occasional purse.  Spending lots of money goes hand-in-hand with making lots of money.  As I am currently not doing either at the moment, I am working on saving money instead.    

For most people, saving money means clipping coupons.  For me, this means doing silly things like making your own air conditioner.  When my husband and I first got married, we lived in a shoebox of an apartment on the 3rd floor.  We didn’t have A/C, and it was 90 degrees – unusually warm Seattle weather.  

Chilled water was pumped through copper wire, looped around the fan cage

I’d like to think that the homemade A/C saved us a reasonable amount of cash.  Of course, it did look totally rigged up and definitely didn’t work very well.   

Thankfully, we moved, and the weather cooled down.  

This time around, I am looking to save money again, without making our house look like a high school project exploded in the foyer.  

We already buy generic everything, so the next thought was to make my own cleaning supplies.  So far, this has turned out way better than expected.  Homemade foaming soap is a snap – when your foaming dispenser is empty, fill with a 40/60 or 30/70 mixture of hand soap refill and hot water.  

So far, my favorite home brew has been a substitute for windex.  Ina 32oz spray bottle, pour 1/8 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/4 tsp dish soap (1/8 tsp if concentrated), and fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Lovely, streak-free glass cleaner is born.  

I have also bought borax and baking soda to make dishwasher detergent and soap…this has yet to be mixed (1 cup/1 cup ratio, use 1 TBSP for a dishwasher load).  I have read that over time, glasses will get dingy unless I also mix in citric acid, or pour vinegar into the little rinsing agent container of the dishwasher.  

I am saving money.  I am not really increasing my savings, because I just blow that extra money on shipping costs for cases of my favorite wine.  I am looking forward to mixing some more homemade potions.  Maybe I can save my way up to a Gucci diaperbag.

**Update:  I have since tried the homemade dishwasher detergent & soap, without citric acid due to needing dishwasher detergent immediately.  It leaves a film over everything & I am not happy with the results at all.  I have scrapped this project because with the cost of citric acid, and the fact that I can’t mix large amounts of the stuff at a time (over time, the mixed powder loses its cleaning power), it makes more sense to buy generic dishwasher detergent & use 1 rounded TBSP (instead of totally filling the little bucket).  Also, the homemade dishwasher soap was a total disaster.  The borax & bs did not dissolve with the water (all 3 equal parts), and the particles clog up the hole.


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