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My Name is Benjamin Button and I’m in Preschool

I can’t believe that we are halfway through the school year.  I’ve been doing preschool with Ben, which has been interesting to say the least.  Mainly letters, colors, numbers, patterns, etc.  Preschool-type stuff.  He also has mad scissor skills, which I … Continue reading

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Preschool is Over. You Can Exit the Minivan.

We have reached the end.  Luke finished preschool.  He had the most amazing year and has repeatedly told me that any other school will never be as good as this one was.  It was just hilarious to hear his stories when … Continue reading

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School Pictures

I just ordered Luke’s preschool pictures.  Zach and I had talked about it briefly on picture day.  He scoffed at ordering pictures.  It’s preschool.  And you already take a million pictures of him.  I verbally agreed, but went ahead and ironed a … Continue reading

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If You Give a Wife a Carrot

If you give a wife a carrot, she’ll sneeze into the pantry. If she sneezes into the pantry, she’ll knock the raisins all over the floor. She’ll need to toss all the raisins away in the trash. The trash man … Continue reading

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Preschool: The Attack of the Eyeball

All of Luke’s friends are done with preschool for the year, and I have taken that as a carte blanche to relax my already-low standards for what counts as preschool.  If he wants to learn about centipedes and grasshoppers, that counts.  … Continue reading

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Preschool: 911

We’re back to working on the dreaded numbers.  I have found that Luke does best with numbers when he is playing a game or solving a puzzle.  He finally recognizes an “8” as an “eight”, instead of an automatic response, … Continue reading

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Preschool: Lowercase “a”

After our awful foray into the number’s territory, I retreated to safer ground: the alphabet.  Today, we redid the letter A and the number 1.  Additionally, we added in lowercase “a”. I showed him how two 1’s next to each … Continue reading

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