The 5-Minute Record

It’s that time of the year again.  Snow bibs, hats, gloves, mittens, gators and boots.  Frigid temperatures and biting wind.  It’s when going outside is the toughest and when I tell my kids, that’s exactly why we’re going outside.  As a family, I have made it our goal to be outdoor people, almost every day.

We’re totally meeting that goal.  Meghan has embraced the outdoor chill and manfully suits up just as quickly as her brothers.   Her dexterity in poking her thumb into the mitten thumb is amazing, and we have gotten down the dreaded outerwear routine to a short five minutes.  Three kids, five minutes.  If you have little kids, you know that this is nothing short of a miracle.


When the kids are little and frostbitten cheeks are a concern, quick dressing time is everything.  Some days we are only out there for 20 minutes, and if it takes over 10 minutes to prepare, we all get frustrated.

Meghan gets all the credit for the quick out-the-door spirit.  Luke is fast and gets ready on his own, as expected, and Benjamin needs minimal help.  The key is that everyone is motivated to go play…unlike when we get ready for school.  Somehow that takes much longer even though it’s just shoes and jackets.

We have more time to play outside and the kids take full advantage of the short outdoor sessions.

We definitely have some new issues this year.  Meghan’s fine motor skill is the double-edged sword.  She is stubborn, independent and quick.  While the boys always, always put their minds to either building or destroying snow formations, Meghan is insistent on undressing herself.  Outside.

While the boys happily play, Meghan will discard her hat, gloves and unzip her jacket.


She’ll throw her jacket off and make a run for it.


Once the jacket is off, she will take off her neck gator.  She has to touch and eat all the snow.  In short, she gets cold very quickly.  We go through different mittens and hats, but usually the end result is the same – she takes them off.


I put everything back on and she’ll cry.  We repeat the entire process maybe 5 times before I get exasperated and tell the boys we’re going in.


We’re definitely an outdoor family.  Exceeded that goal.

We now have a new goal.  Keep the baby dressed. 

It’s going to be a chilly winter.


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