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The Boys Take a Vacation and Ben Fares Poorly

Last week, we took the boys down to Myrtle Beach for what was supposed to be a relaxing time.  Saturday morning started out promising enough.  A rainy drive down, but both boys were happy and cooperative.  That lasted about an … Continue reading

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Giving Ben a Drill

Oh, to be two years old, and have a little brother named “Ben”!  What grammatical trials we have encountered!  Drippy noses to be resolved by giving the baby a power drill! Life must be so confusing when you cannot spell.

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A Good Gash

I sliced myself last week, with my biggest kitchen knife.  I was holding it in my left hand, and using the scrubber with my right.  The scrubber slipped, but my hand kept on doing the mechanical scrubbing motion.  My right index finger … Continue reading

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