Felt Figures with Faces

We’re planning a trip, which means that this is my opportunity to freshen up our busy bag of traveling toys.  The kids love felt.  Our busy bags include felt boards and an assortment of random felt pieces.  The boys have marvelous imaginations and can play with felt pieces that don’t look like anything at all.

It pains me to say that Meghan is not the same.  She is almost 2 years old, and I have learned that if it doesn’t have a face, she is unwilling to pretend that it does have a face.  It’s not that she’s unable to imagine, it’s that she wants the real deal.

I’ve decided to “up” my felt game and provide more realistic felt dolls.

I made a Sesame Street batch.  I tried sewing them, but the felt kept bunching up under the sewing foot, so I switched to a hot glue gun.  The boys have given their approval and I can already tell that Oscar will be the favorite.


I made a set of superheros.  The boys wanted more detail, but I think that adding any more detail with a Sharpie would look sloppy.


And finally, I made some Star Wars characters.  Meghan fights the boys to get the Star Wars plate at dinner time, so I’m confident these will be a huge hit with her.  The boys wanted weapons, but I didn’t have the stiff felt, so no weapons.


I’m very hopeful that Meghan will play with these on our trip.  Zach gave me the dubious answer, “Yes, she’ll play with them…like pulling off the eyes and eating them.”

The boys will use them.  As long as Meg is happy, I don’t care if she eats them.


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