Homemade Baby Wipes

We are coming up on a milestone of sorts, one that I never thought would even be an issue:  Meghan has been spoiled with homemade baby wipes for almost one full year.  For both boys I used disposable wipes…I bought Pampers, I bought Huggies, I bought generic brands.  Whatever was decent quality and on sale, I bought.  The boy’s bums were fine.

Meghan, on the other hand, literally came home from the hospital with an awful diaper rash.  Two days of the free package of disposable wipes at the hospital did it to her.  “massively sensitive skin” was her newborn mantra.  Even after being wiped with nothing but cloth diapers and water for a few weeks, she needed a prescription antibiotic ointment to heal her rash.  The poor thing.


Loving diaper changes at 6mo.


When Ben was a preemie, the hospital wiped him with Medline wipes soaked in a little warm water.  I decided to go that route instead of using paper towels.  The only drawback was that the homemade wipes would not nicely pull out of a container.

I went online & bought two huge packages of wipes for about $50, cut them in half and loosely used the ratio of 1 TBSP baby oil, 1 TBSP baby soap and 1 cup of water.  More water and less soap if she had a rash.

When you look at the cost – the calculated cost was 1.8cents per wipe – it was not a steal by any means…I think I could get disposable wipes for about the same when using a coupon.  But I did not count on the efficiency of the homemade wipes.  I am sure that I used one homemade wipe for every two disposable wipes, to accomplish a clean bum.  Therefore, it was a money saver!  $50 for over 1 year of wipes.


Changing diapers is so glamorous.

And Meghan definitely needed the gentleness of real cotton wipes.  The poor thing spent months with bad poops.  She has a super sensitive stomach and it seems all viruses would settle there, damage her intestinal lining and then the bad poops would set in.

So here we are, one year later and I still have enough dry wipes to make 6 more tubs of baby wipes.

Meghan’s got one happy bum.


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