When Boys Give You Lemons

2013-04-03 221228Lemons are like edible gold around here.  Smooth, yellow and smelling like summer, lemons are a promise of warmer times.

I love drinking a hot cup of lemon juice.  I squeeze one lemon into a cup and add hot water and honey.  I try to sneak a cup by the boys, but they usually find me out and ask for lemonade.  Occasionally, I comply.

We make a quick simple syrup – 1/4 cup water + 1/4 cup sugar, heated in a pot till the sugar is dissolved.  Meanwhile, we squeeze 2 lemons (hoping for 1/4 cup of juice).  Mix the simple syrup, lemon juice, and add about a cup of cold water.

The boys will toss back a cup before it’s chilled.

Most of the time, I refuse the lemonade request and just offer them half a lemon to taste.  Luke knows better and turns up his nose, but Ben always takes a lick.

Their chances of getting lemonade increases as we have extra lemons available, so they are always eager to assist at the grocery store.  When my boys hand me lemons, we make happiness in a cup.


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