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The Pinecone Project, Part Two

We hung pinecones smothered in peanut butter and birdseed by our deck in late August.  After two weeks, our feeding tally included my younger son, and bugs.  No birds. As of yesterday, our feeding tally has gone up. While Ben … Continue reading

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The Pinecone Project

Over the summer, the boys spent a week at their grandparents’ house.  Luke insisted on bringing his wheelbarrow to do work around their house, and Ben followed suit with his wagon.  At the time, there really wasn’t any work to … Continue reading

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The Death of the Luke Bird

We have three bird feeders hanging by our kitchen window.  One was a present, and the others were handmade by Luke and Ben.  Every spring, we love seeing the birds snack away.  They come at regular intervals that generally line up … Continue reading

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