Two Cooks in the Kitchen: Pizza Making

Lately, the boys have been clamoring to help cook in the kitchen.  I say, “Why not.”

Luke loves making pizzas, but we haven’t done it in ages, due to the assumed mess that Ben would make.  However, Ben had such a fun time at a friend’s house making mini-pizzas, I felt like I was being unnecessarily hesitant.

The boys started with oiled hands and a ball of dough.  Luke dutifully pressed out his dough.  Ben oiled his chair.


We added homemade sauce.  Luke carefully spread his sauce out.  Ben tasted his.  It was a little tart.     IMG_9362

The longer they spread the sauce, the worse the mess got.


They did pretty well with the cheese and toppings.


Of course, they had to taste everything.


Finally, their favorite part – adding the herbs.  Ben got the basil and Luke got the oregano.  This was truly what they were waiting for.  The ability to unabatedly shake real herbs onto their pizza pie was spectacular.


They were proud parents of incredibly woodsy-smelling pizzas.


The end result was tasty, although Luke’s pie was heavy on the oregano.

IMG_9396 IMG_9395

The boys continue to beg to be allowed to help in the kitchen.  I still say, “Why not,” but I hide the herb shakers too.


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4 Responses to Two Cooks in the Kitchen: Pizza Making

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh my word, all that oregano!! LOL Kids are awesome.

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