Utilizing Preserved Herbs

At the end of the summer, we made the commitment to preserve as many herbs from our deck garden as possible.  I decided to chop them up & freeze them with olive oil in ice cube trays.  This was no small task.  I made hundreds of herb cubes with the help of two eager assistants.

I use the term “help” loosely.  Ben did a lovely job filling his tray (tray displayed on the left).  Meghan did a haphazard job (displayed on the right).  She can make quite the mess.


After every session she was in charge of vacuuming.


While the boys are natural cleaners, she is definitely not.  A girl after my own heart.


I would like to say that subsequent sessions were more productive, but aside from her increased excitement, every herb picking, washing, drying, chopping, distributing event turned into quite the headache for me.  The cubed herb output vs. time input was crazy disproportionate.

We made about 12 dozen trays of various weeds.  Meghan learned that dangling handfuls of herbs off the deck turned me into a nervous wreck.  “DON’T DROP THEM MEG.  You come back here with my sage.  We’re going to eat those.  Please don’t let go.  Can you obey?  Yes.  Good girl.  Come back.  Oh.  You let go.  You dropped them.  Awesome.”

With all the hassle, I am completely surprised to say that we are definitely doing it again next year.  They turned out great and everything is gone, except the chives.  The thyme, oregano, basil and sage were incredibly fresh and the best part was that they were already chopped up.


I’m hoping to double my output, banking on Meg being twice as useful.



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