The Harper Fine Art Gallery

At the beginning of this summer, I decided to take back my kitchen.  It has always been “the place” for the kids to display their artwork.  I love what they make and they are always so proud to put it up.  We don’t really have a place for it, so it ends up taped to the door, the window, the fridge, etc.

I finally decided that their artwork deserved a better home.  After doing a little research, I bought a 1″x12′ plank from the hardware store and had the store cut it into 12 pieces that were 12″x12″ (The last piece was only 11″x12″).  We sanded them down & stained them.


The kids initially helped, but the wood squares did not stain well with brushes.  I ended up using old rags instead.

After hanging hardware was added to the back and clips to the front, they looked excellent.  Zach recommended that I hang up three…one for each kid.  I told him that he was crazy, each kid needed four, if not more.  I hung them all up.  I know he thought that I was crazy.


The boys have never been so excited to hang up their art on the “art wall” as we now call it.


Based on Ben’s preschool crafts alone, he honestly needs his own wall.  They’ve completely blocked out Meghan from her art boards, and she does just as many crafts as they do.  I’m sure this will be an issue once she gets older.  The unheard 3rd artist.

We put the final touch on last week – the lettering.


It is super cute.  The kids are pretty critical of the fancy script “Harper” and have trouble sounding out the word “GALLERY”, but Zach was impressed when he saw it.  The first thing he said?  You need to add more art boards.


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