Kindergarten Pickup and Carpooling

All summer, I had been dreading the start of the school year, because this meant I had to participate in the awful thing called kindergarten pickup.  The idea of driving to school, sitting in my car with 2 little ones for an undetermined amount of time, and then driving home, sounded simply awful.

In Luke’s case, he got AM kindergarten, so the bus picks him up in the morning, and then I pick him up just before lunchtime.  Ben is in preschool, so he needs to be dropped off and picked up in the AM.

We’re about a month into school, and it is honestly going GREAT.  I am in complete shock.  I haven’t had a mental breakdown, I’m not double-picking up kids and Meghan is not sitting in a car all day.  We are in 2 carpools in order to avoid the whole double-pick up thing, and the other moms are the biggest blessings in the world.

I do occasionally have 5 car seats completely filled with young kids in my car at the same time, so the van looks pretty crazy but all the kids love it.

The real surprise is the kindergarten pick-up line.  Ben LOVES it.  What in the world?  I have been reading The 5 Love Languages for Children, and it seems that Ben’s love language is Quality Time.  Yes, we can go ahead and file “sitting in a stopped car with family members” under Quality Time.  Meghan does not see eye-to-eye with Ben on that one, but maybe she’ll come around.  In the meantime, she is learning patience.

I let Meg get out of her car seat while we wait in line.  I read them a few books and they get a snack.  The snack is dear to Ben’s heart because I rarely give the boys morning snacks.  They have a small busy box filled with play items.


We drive 10 min to Luke’s school, sit in the car for about 15 min, pick up Luke and a friend and drive home.  Meghan does have her cranky moments, but it’s usually because she thinks she should be supplied unlimited tic-tacs, and I only give her 2.

This will probably become a real drag in the winter but so far everyone is thriving on our new schedule.


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