Nine Years Later

On our wedding day, we took this picture on a bridge on Westerville, Ohio.  It was by far my favorite wedding picture.  I love bridges and the umbrellas were a last-minute “shoot it’s raining, does anyone have an umbrella because Zach left ours in the hotel room” type of thing.


Photo credit: Hurt Photography

Nine years later, we were back in the area for a wedding.  We went back to the bridge.  It was still raining.  I wanted a really beautiful, natural picture of Zach and I walking across the bridge with 3 trailing children.  However, Meghan threw a complete wrench into that setup by refusing to learn to walk at 16 months.  Okay.  2 trailing kids and 1 carried baby.

I also wanted the kids to hold umbrellas.  As it turns out, when you give two little boys adult-sized umbrellas, they turn into navy-colored mushrooms.  All you could see was their navy pants and then the navy umbrella bopping along, completely obscuring their heads.  Fine.  Umbrellas for me and Zach only.  Kids, enjoy getting wet.

Finally, I was hoping for some sort of leisurely stroll across the bridge as we promenaded slowly enough for the photographer to get a few snaps.  The kids would either stand still or practically run.  Apparently the “stroll” setting doesn’t kick in for a while.  Could no one please fall into the water.

It honestly felt like a complete disaster.  Taking family photos is stressful.  Everyone tried really hard but I was worried that it was all for naught.


Photo credit: Captured by an Angel Photography

Amazingly, my friend Angel got some really lovely shots.  I’d love to do the recreation again now that Meg is actually walking at 17 months…maybe we’d have a better change at pulling off that magical stroll over the bridge.  But I don’t think we’ll get a retake anytime soon.  The bridge is actually off-limits for photos because apparently years after we took our bridge picture, someone got beaned pretty badly with a golf ball while posing on the bridge.  The manager graciously allowed us to use the bridge for the retake pictures when I called him on the phone with my idea, but it felt like a one-time deal.

So lesson learned…we can’t go back, but going forward looks pretty darn good.


Photo credit: Captured by an Angel Photography

Also, you can dress up the boys to the nines, but they will still get muddy.  But that’s a lesson I already knew.


Photo credit: Captured by an Angel Photography


Photo credit: Captured by an Angel Photography


Photo credit: Captured by an Angel Photography


Photo credit: Captured by an Angel Photography


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