The Easiest Homemade Lightsaber and Jedi Costume

We went to the Mars New Years festival…and obviously what better way to celebrate the Mars new year than putting the kids in Jedi costumes??

This was ridiculously easy.  I saw some DIY Jedi costumes on the Pottery Barn Kids website that were beyond simple.  You take brown material (fleece or felt), and I cut a 14″ strip for the 5-year-old, 12″ strip for the 3-year-old and a 8″ strip for the baby.  All the strips were the length of the fabric.  I cut a slit half way up the middle, and then draped it over their shoulders and trimmed the bottom front and back sections so that it fell their knees.  I tied their midsection with a 2″ strip of white fabric – I also used a strip of cotton bandage for one of their friends and that worked perfectly too.   I couldn’t find a large piece of felt so I used fleece instead, and each child’s costume cost about $2 to make.

They wore whatever white/khaki clothes they had available, under the Jedi robes.


Can I have your lightsaber?

I also rummaged around the house and came up with the easiest homemade lightsabers EVER.  Silver flashlight duct taped to an empty bubble wand container.  Done.  It even lights up.  I added some washi tape to the handle to spice it up.

DSCN2027Meghan’s lightsaber was a little lame, and she knew it.  It was just a sharpie with cardstock wrapped around it to make the handle, and some duct tape to hold it together.


Please let me have YOUR lightsaber.

I cannot live with a sharpie for a lightsaber.

I cannot live with a sharpie for a lightsaber. (See dinky lightsaber to the left of Ben’s socked foot).

I am continually surprised at how aware she is of what the boys get, and what she does not get.  She was mad and threw a little fit.  We calmed her down.  I rummaged around a little more and came up with a smaller silver flashlight and a Playdoh roller.  She was quite happy.

Thank goodness I have a real lightsaber.

Thank goodness I have a real lightsaber.

The festival was fun and everyone complimented their Jedi costumes.


Protecting NASA’s shuttle.

The world is a safer place.



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2 Responses to The Easiest Homemade Lightsaber and Jedi Costume

  1. Valerie says:

    Brilliant! When I first saw the pic, I was trying to figure out what you used as a light saber – LOVE the bubble wand idea!

    • pokedpotato says:

      YES!! If Samuel ever gets into star wars it would be so easy for you to make! The boys have toy lightsabers from the store that they play with, but they are very long, so it would hard to walk around with. These were perfect!

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