Extending the Life of Your Sleep Sack

Meghan has outgrown her sleep sack, but she is not yet ready for blankets.


For both boys, we must have switched to blankets at this time, because I only have 2 medium-sized blue sleep sacks from when they were babies.  Meghan also has a really nice medium-sized sleep sack with snaps at the shoulders but I couldn’t bring myself to buy the large version, as it is a relatively pricey item that would only be used for a few months.

I had a brilliant idea to take the boy’s old sleep sacks, cut off the bottom and add sack length in the form of old baby blankets.  It would extend the life of the medium-size ones and get rid of unused blankets.  Perfect.

Meghan tried it out.  Her toes go just past the new fabric line.  She has about one foot of growing room.DSCN1854

Or to put it into perspective, about 2 years of growing room.  I’ve heard sleep sacks are all the rage for 3-year-olds.


I did the same thing to the second blue sleep sack.  Luke was able to fit into that one.  You never know when a 5-year-old might need a sleep sack.


DSCN1888I haven’t altered her nice sleep sack yet, but it’s bound to happen.  She can’t fit it any longer and otherwise we will not use it.  I hate ruining it – it was my “splurge item” when she was a baby – but I suppose that she could theoretically wear it till she’s Luke’s age, based on the last sleep sack revamp.

DSCN1856Here’s to many more months…or years…of sleeping sacked.


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