Two Cake Pops and Three Kids

The other day we went to church and then went to a furniture store.  The furniture store was still closed because it was 10am on a Sunday morning, but it was not a total loss because we saw a Starbucks and Zach ran in for some coffee and I told him to get cake pops for the kids.

He came back with coffees and a little baggie for the kids.  It was wonderful.  He passed out cake pops to the boys.  The bag was then empty.  I asked him, “Wait.  Did you get one for Meghan?”

He looked confused.  “No.”

Not wonderful.

I motioned crazily and whispered to him, “You have three kids!  THREE!!!  I told you to get cake pops for ALL the kids!!  You have three of them!  Why did you get just two??  She’s going to be so mad!!!!”

He shushed me and handed Meghan a toy.  She looked at the boys.  She looked at the cake pops.  She signed “please” and even said the word “please”.  Twice.  It was just awful.  The poor thing.  Zach gave her a tiny baby cracker and she was mildly grumpy.

Today, the boys wanted to make a craft with me and we settled on these superhero cardboard tubes.  Meghan was being very fussy so I put her into her crib for quiet time (books, toys and music for half an hour) while we got out the scissors and hot glue gun.


They turned out really well.  I put away the scissors and glue gun and got Meghan from her crib.

And that’s when I realized we had the whole “two cake pop” thing going on again.  Of course, Meg was thinking, “Oooh.  Puppets.  Where’s mine?”


I felt really bad.  I had done the same thing that I had blasted Zach for doing.  Forgotten Meghan.

I tried to remedy the situation quickly without having to put in much effort.  I put a smiley face on an empty Puffs container.

DSCN1841 DSCN1842


Meg was not impressed.  She warmed up to “Mr. Puff” a bit later, but in the future, I really need to remember that she likes to be included and should be included.  Three kids need three cake pops.


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