The Garden Update: Meghan Style

Over Memorial Day weekend, we did what millions of other Americans did:  we got outside, we mulched, we planted, WE GARDENED.  It was a really beautiful day, the kind of day I had been dreaming of since February.  The sort of day that makes you want to soak up every last bit of sunshine and forgo cleaning in the house.

The boys and Zach worked incredibly fast, mulching 12 yards in about 6 hrs.  This is no slim feat when you are also watching a baby, and the boys are only 5 & 3 years old.


We transplanted the garden from inside to outside.  Unfortunately, the seedlings really suffered this year.  I moved their location from the kitchen to the dining room, and I’m pretty sure that they did not get enough light to thrive.  Additionally, I did not supervise the watering (done by Benjamin) and some of the plants were very overwatered (Luke’s corn did not survive) while others were dying from lack of water.

I also bought some seedlings from a local greenhouse – I had all 3 kids with me.  I thought Meghan would enjoy riding on my back while we picked out flowers and herbs but she was really pissed the whole time.  Too hot.  It was stressful with her antics going on.  Somehow the boys talked me into buying cantaloupe seedlings.

Back at the house, the boys eagerly brought their gardening tools and gloves up to the deck.  They were both very happy to be gardening again.  We started planting but Meghan struck again.  I thought she would stay busy with the sandbox, but apparently the taste of sand became boring and she had to try some dirt instead.  She was a complete tornado, wrecking anything she could grab.  We kept moving her around but she would continue to crawl back to whatever we didn’t want her into.  I couldn’t even pause to snap a picture of the boys working, which really bummed me out.


The final straw was when she raked up Ben’s sunflower seedling.  Luke gasped, and Ben just started sobbing.  I had to call Zach over to help corral Meg, and I told the boys we were done.  Luke was mildly disappointed but Ben was crushed.  We gently replanted his sunflower and he choked out a heartfelt, “thank you very much,” amid more tears, and I had to lead him away from the garden to calm him down.

That evening, after the kids went to bed, I finished transplanting the garden myself.  It looks okay, but everything is still smaller than it should be.


Some small animal got up on our deck and ate/uprooted a ton of stuff, but we’ve replanted and so far things look okay.

Luke’s replanted corn is coming up and Ben’s sunflower has survived.  The boys also planted two maple trees.  We now do our gardening when Meghan is doing quiet time in her crib.


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