Getting the Garden Started

We are up and running!  A month late as always, but I have come to accept that this is our standard.  I always plan to start the garden at the end of March, but it never seems to come to fruition until the end of April.

This time around I did not want to deal with dirt in my kitchen, so I waited for the first nice, really warm day and gave the kids Dixie cups and other random containers to fill.  We had a lot fewer seeds to plant because the herbs always seem to do better when we get them as young plants from our local greenhouse, versus growing from seed.  Everything looks so yummy when someone else has already put in 1-2 months of growing effort, so I usually buy a few other plants too.  Pepper plants are so cute.  I cannot resist.  Luke mentioned that he wants me to buy broccoli too.

DSCN1668Our new “big” plant this year is corn.  We proved last year that we could grow one cute pumpkin in a pot on the deck.  Can it be done with corn?  I am doubtful.  At least we can do the “knee-high by the fourth of July” thing right from the deck.


Zach nixed the oats…last year I loved the oats as they attracted two pairs of cardinals the entire summer, but Zach considered the oats a huge waste of garden space.

I also changed our carrot type to a “short and sweet” variety.  They barely get enough room to grown in our short planters, so I’m hoping they will turn out fatter at least.

Everything else is pretty much the same, although I do plan to grow a mad amount of lettuce, compared to my usual 4-8 heads.


We already have dino kale popping up, as well as tomatoes and lettuce.  Here’s to a lovely gardening season!!!


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