A Snoopy Birthday Party

It finally happened.  Our little Meghan turned one.  She is obsessed with her beloved Snoopy, so it had to be a Snoopy birthday party, of course.  It would’ve been a whole lot easier to do the “Snoopy” theme if she had turned one after The Peanuts Movie had come out, but we made it work.


Pushing Snoops around the house with her walker. 


I bought a bunch of dog bowls and served puppy chow and (Scooby Doo) dog bones in them.


We had Snoopy color-themed banners.  I made them and hung them up.  Everywhere.  A few pictures…you get the idea.

DSCN1278 DSCN1277 DSCN1140

I dressed the baby up.


What the??! A dress? If only I could take this off.



Bow, I do not like you. I will take you off.

Of course, no Snoopy party is complete without puppy games.  The kids did some sort of search and rescue Snoopy, as well as hide and seek dog bones to feed the enormous husky in the background.  They also decorated large dog bones made out of paper with crayons and stickers.


We had a Snoopy cake and Snoopy cake pops by Carolynn’s Cake Pops.  The cake pops were a huge hit.  As Luke would say, Meghan “yomped” hers down.  Yomped would be some sort of derivative of gomped, which is perhaps kid-slang for gulped.


Meghan tried to pinch the lit candle on her cake but I moved the cake just in time.  It turned out well, also.


We had catered pizza and a bunch of sides.  It was a huge hit and Meg was sorry to see everyone go.


Happy 1st Birthday, Meghan.


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