Teddy Bear Breakfast

I’ve seen lots of cute toddler food blogs that detail how to make adorable food for your kids.  They all annoy me.  As if it is not enough that I feed my children 3 nutritious meals per day, I am expected to shape them into lovely cucumber owls perched on carrot trees.  No way.  I will prepare 3 plates, slap a sandwich, a handful of carrots and a fruit down on each and tell them, “Eat.”  They eat.

They eat pretty well as it is and I don’t think Ben will eat any more cherry tomatoes if they are part of a lion’s mane.  Plus, if I start shaping the food into fanciful scenes, they might ask me to do it again.

I’ve stuck to my guns for 5 years until I happened across a really cute picture online of a teddy bear picnic.  The boy was eating an open-faced peanut butter sandwich with blueberry eyes and a banana nose, served on a picnic blanket.  It was really cute.  I wavered.  It was so simple and we usually have all those ingredients.

I would do it, just once.

For breakfast the next day, I served them a toasted teddy bear face.


I was completely unprepared for their unbridled delight.  They became instant teddy bear monsters.  Amid growling and laughter, my monsters gobbled teddy bear noses, teddy bear eyes and teddy bear faces with relish.

DSCN0991 DSCN0994

Ben ate an entire bowl of teddy bear eyes, which is what he would normally do anyways but it is just so much funnier when you declare that they are eyeballs, of course.

It was super simple and definitely worth it.

They asked me to do it again the next day. *sigh*  We’re not going to make it a habit, but yes I did whip another set of teddy bears up.


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