Meghan Outside

In the spirit of being outdoorsy, I shuttle the kids outside almost every day.  In the winter, the boys LIVE for snow.  If there’s snow on the driveway, they firmly believe that they must go out and shovel immediately.  They’re hard workers and I appreciate their effort.


If I send them outside in the morning, I am usually able to go with them while Meghan is napping.  We shovel the driveway and walkways, and then we get to have fun.  I build forts and the boys make snow cannonballs.


But the mornings are so chilly; it is nicer to go outside in the afternoons.  Because Meg is up, I usually send them outside together and stay inside with her.  We join them briefly when their time is almost up (noted by the bright color of their cheeks).

I wasn’t sure how Meghan would deal with the cold…she’s only 11 months.  She has handled her 15 minute, cold-weather spurts like a champ.  At first she would just watch the boys act crazy while her plump little cheeks turned chilly and red.


But now she is really loving her outside time and eager to get in on the action.  Depending on the temperature, she can stay out longer.  The boys have been pulling her around on the baby sled and she couldn’t be happier.


She’s also joined in on some indoor snow play, which has mainly consisted of the boys driving trucks through the snow while Meghan eats it.

DSCN0946 DSCN0951

It’s a start.  This weekend she was really bummed when I brought her inside while the boys continued to play outside with Zach.  She peered sadly at them from a window.  They would pause every once in a while to sweetly say “Hi Meghannnnnnnnn!” before throwing enormous snowballs at her.


This girl is ready to play.  Bring on the outdoor excursions, cold weather and all.


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