My Name is Benjamin Button and I’m in Preschool

I can’t believe that we are halfway through the school year.  I’ve been doing preschool with Ben, which has been interesting to say the least.  Mainly letters, colors, numbers, patterns, etc.  Preschool-type stuff.  He also has mad scissor skills, which I consider a bad thing when you see what gets cut around this house.

Benjamin excels at things like reading comprehension and handwriting (on a 3-year-old level), and is startlingly good at simple math problems, but struggles with actually recognizing numbers and letters.  He simply says, “It’s too hard,” and doesn’t even try.  He can write his own name but otherwise has a hard time remembering his letters.

Many times we have had to learn things that I didn’t realize he was ignorant about.  For example, early on in the school year, I asked him what his last name was.  He said, “It’s Benjamin Buttons!”  I told him that it was actually not “Buttons” and we had a true argument over what his last name was.  He laughed in disbelief when I tried to convince him of his real last name.  I guess that’s our fault for calling him Benjamin Button when he was a baby.

Benjamin loves doing crafts and regularly whips out glue and paper to create whatever oddball idea is floating around in his head.  He can churn out multiple crafts every morning and still want to produce more crafts.  His letter crafts turn out exactly how he wants them, which is not necessarily how I suggest he do them.


When we were on the letter “O”, he made an “O” Owl, and was also supposed to make an “O” Octopus.  After carefully crinkling up 8 legs, he only wanted to glue 6 of them on.  We discussed how octopuses have 8 legs, but he was steadfast in his decision.

“There is no more room for any more legs.”

I left it alone, which completely threw Luke for a loop.  On the way to the library later that day, I overheard this conversation between the two of them.

Ben started off, “Luke.  Do you know what a crobster is?  I can be a crobster.”

Luke replied, “No, that’s not a real thing.”

“Yes it is,” Ben countered.

Luke replied, “No, it’s not.  Do you mean a crab?”


“Do you mean a lobster?” Luke huffed.

“No.  A CROBSTER.”  Ben was adamant.

By that point, Luke was almost in tears, “Ben, a crobster is not real!  It is not a real thing!  There is no such thing as a crobster!”

Ben was aloof to Luke’s misery and quite happy to talk about what a crobster could do.  Crobster this and crobster that.  Luke descended into a foul mood.  I told Luke to let it go.  When we returned home, Ben triumphantly ran to his “O” craft & pointed at the octopus missing two legs.  “See!  That’s a crobster!!  Right there, Luke!”

We’re working on numbers right now.  Today we made a tiger with 10 stripes, to represent the number 10.   It was supposed to be a cheetah with 10 spots, but Ben was insistent.  Tiger.  Stripes.

Preschool with my little Benjamin Button has been anything but dull.  We’re having fun and hopefully he is learning a little.


Q for Quinoa.



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