Meghan’s Stocking

After bypassing the fabric on my kitchen table for a good 3 weeks in favor of doing other Christmas preparations, I finally buckled down and made Meghan’s stocking.  Aside from missing her name, it is ready to go.  Her stocking is hanging from the mantle, patiently waiting to be filled.


It’s another crazy looking item in our house.  I had this vision of a country-ish Christmas mantle with matching stockings, which was completely derailed when I let Luke pick out stocking material at age 2 for himself and Benjamin.   Their stockings look silly, to say the least.  This time around, I let Ben pick out Meghan’s stocking material.  He was so excited to find green penguin material for her, so that she would be “matchmates” with his red penguin stocking.

She will love having her own stocking on Christmas.  She just turned 10 months and is incredibly aware of what is going on.  She always wants to be included in whatever her brothers are doing.  Today she even ate lunch off a real plate.

DSCN0469 DSCN0474

I’m not sure what we’re actually going to put in her stocking.  We accidentally wrapped all her stocking stuffers as under-the-tree presents, and all I have unwrapped is a huge bottle of bubble bath for her.

We’ll find something for her.  At least she has a silly stocking to call her own.


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3 Responses to Meghan’s Stocking

  1. Valerie says:

    That turned out really cute! XO

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