Bye Bye Chalk Baby

This summer we had some cool days, which led to Meghan being bundled up snugly.  It was the only way she could handle the chill.  When she’s wearing one of those bunting outfits, she’s hard pressed to move around.  Meanwhile, her older brothers run around like hooligans.

0728141538During the fall months, she was trussed up for almost every outing in the bunting suit.

1016141712 This led to the rise of the “Chalk Baby”.  Since she can’t really move in her bunting outfit, it’s a simple matter to outline her profile in chalk, and then the boys get to decorate a Chalk Baby.

1010141645 DSCN0160

For some reason they really love drawing Chalk Babies.  Luke likes to give them skeletons and internal organs, while Ben generally adds facial features and hair all over.  Our Chalk Baby days, however, are numbered.  Meghan is on the move and is now an unwilling participant in the whole “lie flat on your back and don’t move for 10 seconds” portion of the chalking.

DSCN0159 DSCN0164

This tiny girl is outta here.  Bye bye, Chalk Baby.


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