I’m Ready to be on The Food Network

I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner…it was one of those days where our fridge was nearly empty because it was time for our weekly run but we had stretched it an extra day.  No milk, some leftovers, barely any fruit or veggies.

Instead of going to the grocery store this morning, I opted to take the kids to a library playdate.  Much more fun.  Necessary for the soul, if not the stomach.  We returned home to a status quo kitchen.  Once Ben and Meghan were down for their afternoon naps, I reviewed my fridge, feeling like I was on Chopped.  Orange peppers.  Two heads of broccoli.  Leftover barley soup.  A teeny bit of turkey.  I rooted through my pantry and decided I could use quinoa to make an acceptable main dish in 20 minutes.

I finished up school with Luke and started cleaning the kitchen so I could actually have counter space to prepare dinner.  Luke was bored so I told him he could make cookies.  I had a Todd English recipe out but he wanted old-fashioned oatmeal chocolate chip cookies instead.

Kitchen was clean, cookies made.  Ben woke up.  Meghan woke up.  After a whole round of feeding everyone, bathing the baby, trussing the boys up in winter gear so they could go outside, I was back in the kitchen with one little girl.  I started to make dinner and then my life, as always, turned into an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.  One boy was sobbing at the garage door saying he was chilly and wanted to come in.  Meghan wanted to get out of her jumper.  Both boys wanted hot chocolate.  No milk.  Hot tea for one and hot water for the other.  Meghan needed to be nursed and suddenly I had very little free time, no free hands and dinner was still looming.

I reheated the leftover barley soup, cut up our one remaining apple to split between 4 people, chopped some broccoli and added it to boiling water, and pulled out an emergency box of mac and cheese.  I then pulled what I would consider to be an Anthony Bourdain move and poured myself and Zach a nice glass of wine.  Because honestly, it doesn’t seem to matter what that guy eats on his show as long as he gets to drink with it.

After dinner, I put Meghan down and told Zach I was going to the grocery store, immediately.  I bought the weekly food items and drove home quite pleased with my pork chops, pomegranate, and other foodstuff.  And then I remembered I forgot to buy tofu.  How was I going to make Meghan cubed tofu rolled in crushed Cheerios!!  And I actually couldn’t find a small piece of ham for one of my meals.  Errrgh.  I was back to an episode of Chopped.


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