Miracles Do Happen

At 8 1/2 months old, Meghan has finally decided to take a bottle.  After months of patiently trying and trying, we’ve finally convinced her that the bottle is not the enemy.


This has opened up an entire new world of wonderful for me.  She doesn’t do the best job at the bottle.  It is a Playtex drop-in, which means that the disposable bag collapses as she sucks the milk out.  She basically holds the bottle upright and sucks the milk out as if the nipple is a straw.  It doesn’t look like she’s getting any milk, and then suddenly the bottle is empty.  Regardless of her method, my happiness is the same.  I can now leave and Zach can give her the bedtime feeding.

This is good because I had been leaving once a week in the evening anyways, and just hoping I could get her down an hour early for bedtime.  Until Daylight Savings Time, this worked like a charm, but after we set our clocks back there was no hope of putting her down early.

I cannot even begin to describe my state of euphoria.  She still nurses 5 times a day but now I have the option to leave for a long amount of time and either leave her with a sitter or bring a bottle.  She has always hated the nursing cover and now that she’s old enough to fight it off, I have quit using it and actually given it away.


Miracles do happen.  We were able to make a trip to the Science Center with some friends this week.  Long trips downtown have previously been out of the question.  Meghan took a bottle part-way through, which enabled her to last an hour longer than usual, and she was able to meet Threepio.


She also sat on the space potty.


I’m totally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Before you know it she’ll be lunching with the big boys.


Freedom in 3…2…1…


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