The Beach Journal

Every morning, Benjamin and Luke would tell me what to write in their journal.  I would dutifully jot down their Most Important Recollections.  Unless otherwise noted, all their thoughts overlapped and it really doesn’t matter who was saying what.

Day 1

We went to the beach.  We saw crabs.  It was Outer Banks now.  We saw cactus.  We saw whales [Ben].

We did not see whales in the water [Luke].


I made the hugest sand castle.  It had flags made out of seaweed.  We used the tractor thing.  Meghan went to the beach.

IMG_4492 IMG_4499

We got to do little Legos.  I built a sand castle.  We went for a walk and saw turtles.  It’s nice in this house.

I fell in the water [Ben].

Day 2

We saw seagulls.  We saw a sailboat.  We saw a big cruising boat.  And we saw bunches and hunches of cactus.  The crab was in the pool.  And dad got him out with a net.  We saw a little tiny fish.  We ate at North Banks.  We loved the clam chowder soup.  We kind of liked the hush puppies.  I dipped them in butter.  When I dipped them in butter, they were deeeelicious.  We went in the pool.  We dug a trench.

Meghan does not like the beach.


Day 3

I peed in the pool.  Two times [Luke].  We built a superhero puzzle.  We played Chutes and Ladders.  And Perfection.

IMG_4599 IMG_4597

Day 4

A big wave melted our sand castle away.  We got our Christmas ornaments.  We ate lunch on the beach.



We saw sea gulls.  We watched the big Curious George movie.  We built an enormous sand castle.  It had a plank and cannons.  We went to the beach and dug up sand.  I love the beach.  When are we going to see a whale at the beach?


Day 5

We watched Paw Patrol.  We fed turtles.  We saw whales [Ben].


I went to the bait shop.  Dad went to the bait shop and got some bait.  And remember, we already said we saw whales.  And actually, we did not see whales [Luke].


We saw tiny fish in the water.  I found two shells.  Ben found shells.  We got a lot of shells this morning.  Dad said his bucket was about to bust.  We had crabs in our pool.  We saw two crabs at the same time in the pool.  We played with puffy stickers.

Epilogue or Things We Forgot to Say and Would Like to Add

We saw Navy planes.  We went to Duck Donuts and we got a bacon donut.  And we got syrup on our bacon donut.  One day we ate pizza.  One day we ate ice cream sandwiches.

I just wanted to say I saw a whale [Ben].

Other than not seeing whales, we had an utterly successful family trip, based on good food, a good beach, and zero emergency room visits.


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