The End is Near

Our deck is looking awfully naked lately.  Gone are the sunflowers and pumpkin plants.  The tomato plants have been removed, and all that are left are the herbs and green onions.


Repurposing the pumpkin planter for green onions, late in the summer.

I loved having sunflowers this year.  We will definitely have them next year.


I did not enjoy growing pumpkins.  No pumpkins next year.


We had multiple tiny pumpkins that would start to grow and then simply die out for no good reason.  We ended up with one pumpkin the size of my head.  I thought we were going to set it on our front steps, but the boys want me to turn it into a pumpkin pie.  I roasted it whole in the oven & pureed it.  It’s currently in our freezer, awaiting for free time to actually make a pie.

We started our carrot seedlings in egg shell pots.  This did not turn out well, as the carrots got trapped in the egg shell cup and grew into really funny shapes.  Next year, “yes” to carrots but “no” to egg shell pots.


Luke definitely wants barley next year.  He brought up the Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow song again.  That’s three years in a row he has asked for barley, so I guess he’s serious about it.

Ben wants to grow flowers, tomatoes and mums.

Our garden is just about closed for business this year.  The boys pulled all the last green tomatoes off the plants and then Luke chopped them down.  I made green tomato relish, which the boys gave two thumbs down.  I think it tasted pretty good.

The end of garden season is always sad for me, but it always works out because we have more time to craft.


We might not be growing plants anymore, but we definitely have a few green thumbs in the house.  Brown-greenish, paint-splattered thumbs.  And hands.  And faces.


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2 Responses to The End is Near

  1. ArborFam says:

    Rebecca, I think it’s great that you grow these things and actually eat them. My grandparents had rhubarb, strawberries, apples, pears, and grapes. I still think of my grandparents every time I see rhubarb in the store (and the occasional times I eat it). Or when I taste something that tastes similar to my grandma’s white grape jelly she made from the grapes in her back yard. My grandparents also grew sunflowers in the last several years they lived in their house. Wonderful memories you are making with your kids!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thank you, Kevin!! That is awesome about your grandparents garden. My grandmother was similar…massive garden in Cincy, but all I can remember is her posing with a cucumber hanging down from a trellis. I hope they have good memories of our silly garden.

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