Not the baby.  She’s 6 months.  The one that just turned 3 years old.  Benjamin.  Benjamin has an issue.  He is addicted.  I mean, really addicted.  This boy needs his hot milk and it has to be in his specific straw cup.  Every morning, and preferably every meal.  “Milk.  HOT milk.  In my cup.”


It’s a problem.

The way I see it, this straw cup is the equivalent of a bottle to him.  When he was a baby, for the most part he refused bottles.  At 7 months Ben went straight to a straw cup.

So, he’s never actually been “weaned” from a straw cup.

It’s like nothing has ever changed.  He still has crazy hair, and he still drinks from a straw cup.  We hand him his cup of hot milk in the morning, and he doesn’t come up for air until the entire cup is completely drained.  Repeat at lunch and dinner.

Even if it’s 90 degrees outside, he wants that milk hot.  If he doesn’t get a cup of milk or if it’s not hot, it throws off his whole day.  He complains, whines and generally descends into a foul mood.

He needs to be weaned.

I’m not really sure how to go about it.  Honestly, he reminds me of *some people* when they don’t get a cup of hot coffee in the morning.  That may or may not be myself and a bazillion other people.

At this point, I figure that whenever he starts school the problem will resolve.  I am definitely not sending him to school with a thermos of hot milk.

It’s one of those “do nothing…wait and see” methods.  The best kind.  I’ll let you know if he leaves for college with his straw cups in tow.


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2 Responses to Weaning

  1. Megan says:

    I love your posts! Your family is so cute!

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