Lego Craziness

Both boys are really into Legos right now.  Luke can follow the instructions and assemble everything by himself, as long as the difficulty does not go above “Age 7”.


IMG_3973Ben has some Legos too, but he requires complete help in following the instructions.


The real magic happens when they take apart all the perfectly built by-the-instructions Lego creations and build whatever they want.  Sometimes I am able to snap a picture before it is destroyed.


New meaning to the term “headlights”


A good superhero always travels with weapons and mug of coffee.

Honestly, I usually miss all the good stuff.  The other day, Luke was playing “Touch a Truck” with his Legos during Quiet Time.  Touch a Truck is an event where a bunch of trucks come together, and kids can climb into them.  He said that he assembled all of his Lego trucks for Touch a Truck, but then they all had to leave on an emergency.  So actually, all he had was a gaggle of Lego people standing around complaining about the lack of trucks.  Perfect.

Aside from finding small pieces everywhere, I love their love of Legos.


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