5 Months

Meghan is 5 months old!  She turning into a regular participant of the family, albeit in the background and completely confused.


She has taken her first airplane flight, and was none the worse after multiple flight delays, security woes and random strangers kissing her toes.


Too stressed to lay out a clean blanket for this girl to play on.  She hasn’t succumbed to any weird sickness yet from airport chair germs…

We’re in that depressing phase (for me) where she will only nurse in a dark, quiet room.  I’m really hoping we can move out of this phase soon.  I hate being so secluded, especially when I can hear the boys having “issues” downstairs.  Drippy noses, fighting, excessive jumping/running or throwing blueberries are all examples of “issues” that spring up, the moment I am not present.

She loves to scream and kick her legs, and she seems to enjoy short stroller walks without being in the baby carrier.


She’s eating solid food.  I said again and again that I was going to wait till she was 6 months old, but then Zach started feeding her.  He would feed her anything on his plate (!!) and if there wasn’t anything baby-friendly, he would start rooting around in the pantry.  I figured I’d better start feeding her, otherwise he’d have her eating peanut butter and shellfish when I wasn’t looking.


We now have lots of baby-friendly foods in the house and Meg is getting rice or oatmeal cereal once a day.

She’s still on 4 naps a day.  Two longer naps and two 45 minute naps.  At night she sleeps from 6pm to 6am, with one dream feeding at 9pm.

Aside from the happy screaming, Meghan is very much a laid-back baby.  My kind of girl.


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