Butterfly Feet

I’ve never put my kid’s handprints in canvas.  It looks so cute, but it just seems like a big mess and I’ve never gotten around to it.  Back in May, a friend gave me a kit to make the handprints, and I kept asking Zach to help me to do the kids.  He always said, “Sure, not today.”

Just recently, another friend posted online a butterfly picture made out kids’ feet.  It was adorable.  I decided that today was the day, even though Zach was not here.  At this point the canvas kit had sat in our study for months.  I had no excuse.


I took all the kids onto the deck and painted their feet.  Meg was in the Bumbo so she couldn’t really do anything about her feet being manipulated.  She didn’t seem to mind.


Their toes were stamped onto the canvas and then hosed off before they could walk around.  Other than Ben constantly swishing his painted toes onto my shorts (which hopefully will come out), there was no mess.


To make the butterfly wings, you have to use the right foot for the left wing, and vice versa.

After they dried, I drew in the butterfly with a sharpie and painted a face.


Here is a close up of Meghan’s butterfly.  It looks pretty cute.  Eventually I will get a paint pen and stencil in the first letter of their name.  Or I’ll do nothing and in 6 months perhaps Zach will get around to hanging them up.


I also tried doing their handprints.


Luke and Ben’s were no big deal, but Meghan was awful.  It was all I could do to paint her hand and then keep her from eating her painted hand.  When I tried to apply it to the paper, she refused to open her hand.  I might as well have asked her to sing Ave Maria.  Who knows how other people get their kid’s handprint.  I can’t even imagine doing it in their sleep because then you have paint on their hand in the crib.

I settled for two nose prints.

At least the butterfly feet turned out.


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