The Arrival of the Lemon Queen

A really long week is almost over.  Zach’s been out of town, I’ve been out of town, and the house has slumped into a unclean state.  I was doing dishes…again…while the boys were at evening VBS, and feeling depressed.  I went out onto the deck and was completely surprised to see a lemon queen cheerfully facing the last rays of sunshine.


I was originally thinking our garden this year was mostly a waste – we have all these gigantic plants with nothing to show for it, but I have to admit, the bright sunflower really pulled me out of my bad mood.

Most of the sunflowers are taller than me, but the first sunflower came from the shortest one.


I showed the boys this morning.  We also saw some cardinals eating the oats.  First they discuss a plan.


Then one of them jumps on a stalk of oats, causing it to collapse to the deck floor.


Then she sidles down the stalk to reach the oats at the end.  She leaves with oats in her belly and I get bird poop on my deck.  That’s not too cool.  I would complain that I’m always cleaning up, but actually I don’t do anything about the bird poop.  It just adds to the unclean state of the house.


At least I have a lemon queen to cheer me up.



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