We Have A Pumpkin!

The deck garden is mammoth.  The herbs are finally in and the boys are doing experimental munching, having forgotten what fresh herbs taste like from last summer.  Ben loves dill weed but hates sage.  We have peas growing and lots of green tomatoes.  And…can you believe it…we have a pumpkin!

He’s pretty small but he is there and that is all that matters.  I put him on a sponge because our deck gets really hot and has burned previous plants that were unfortunate enough to rest on the deck.


I tried coaxing the pumpkin to grow in another pot of dirt, but the vine is determined to grow right in the corner where the gate swings open.  It would be terribly sad to lose our only pumpkin due to a gust of wind blowing the gate completely open, so I strategically moved the kid’s picnic table to blockade the pumpkin.

Our oats are growing marvelously and have become breakfast, lunch and dinner for two sets of cardinals.  Here’s the lady cardinal coming in for a snack.  The picture is a bit blurry.  The cardinals are very jittery and fly away whenever I get too close, so this was taken through a slightly dirty window.


Here is a less blurry picture of the oats.  They are no more exciting when seen clearly.  If the picture was even closer, you could see the bird poop everywhere.


I wasn’t really growing the garden for the birds.  Zach said, just wait until the sunflowers start blooming.  I hadn’t thought of the potential bird situation.  As long as the hawk doesn’t come back, I’m okay with it.

Really, nothing would phase me at this point.  We have a pumpkin growing in a pot on the deck and that’s all that matters.


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