If We Could Just Get One Pumpkin…

Our deck garden is coming along marvelously this year.  Supervising the planting really paid off, as the boys put copious amounts of dirt into the planters instead of mostly rocks.


Pretty much everything has come up but I have yet to plant herbs.  (Awful, I know).  I am hoping to do that next week so the boys have something to munch on other than pumpkin leaves, while they play on the deck.


That really is the big story…the pumpkins.  They are taking over everything.  These pictures are a week old, and as of today, the pumpkin plants are even bigger and are invading just about every planter in sight.

Their little grabbers have found the oats, peas, sunflowers and tomatoes and have stubbornly coiled around anything within reach.  We grew pumpkins last year and they did not do so well.  They barely made it out of their planters and did not yield even one pumpkin, so I take the tenacity of our pumpkin plants this year as a good sign.

It’s a silly garden with these massive pumpkin plants, a smattering of oats and peas, and a few other vegetables.  Who knows what I’m going to do with a handful of oats.  Did I mention that only two carrots made it?  And don’t even get me started on the edamame.  At this point, I am fairly certain that what I took for edamame plants are actually Lemon Queen sunflowers.

Our tomato plants are doing great.  There is nothing better than a sun-warmed, ripe cherry tomato.  Hopefully the pumpkin plants don’t choke out the tomato plants.

It will all be a success, if we could just get one pumpkin.  One pumpkin.


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