Put a Ring on It

This is my ring holder.  Zach and I put our wedding rings on it when we’re in the house.


About a month ago, Luke decided to add his lovely Halloween skull ring and pipe cleaner ring onto the holder.  The pipe cleaner ring is so big, it is the only thing you can actually see.  It’s definitely in the way, but Zach and I could still get our rings on it.


Last week, Ben realized he was being left out of this deal.  He asked me to make him “a LOT of rings.”



He cackled mischievously to himself for about 10 minutes, flicking his fingers together, and then guess where he stashed his new rings?


On the ring holder.  There is no room for my ring or Zach’s ring.  Really, there’s not even enough room for all of Ben’s rings.

My kids are taking over my life.  It’s okay.  I didn’t really need a special place for my ring.  I guess they did.


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2 Responses to Put a Ring on It

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL, that is awesome!
    We take our rings off at home too! I didn’t know anyone else did that!

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