My Housekeeping Style

I really liked this post from my friend Valerie, What’s Your HouseKeeping Style?, partly because it is similar to what I do, but also because it is well-organized and makes sense.  It’s nice to read that I’m not the only one who only cleans certain things when they’re not looking so hot.  No, I don’t have everything on a schedule either.

To be honest, the best cleaning tips I have come up with have nothing to do with cleaning at all.


We’ve massively cut back on laundry loads by buying one of those enormous HE, no-middle-spin-thing, top-loading washing machines.  I can get two loads into one load, and it’s lasted 5 years with no problems so far.

I usually fold laundry furiously while the boys are getting their bath from Zach, and whenever they’re ready to be tucked in, I quit too.

I’ve had the boys fold laundry.  It takes them about half an hour to fold one load, so it’s not very productive.  Usually the session deteriorates into them throwing laundry at each other while they’re looking for socks.  Alerted by the giggling, I have to lay down the law and give explicit folding instructions.  Luke can fold pretty much anything but Ben is only good for finding & sorting things like wash cloths, towels, and burp cloths.

Working outside is more up their alley.

Working outside is more up their alley.


The best thing to do is invite people over.  Then you have to clean.  Ideally, I have some sort of playdate at my house once a week.  I clean casually the day before, and then the next day, the boys and I clean like crazy people for about one hour.  It’s amazing how much cleaning 3 warm bodies can do in one mad hour if you’re expecting company.  Ben is a great window washer, and Luke has finally mastered vacuuming to the point that it is acceptable.


Benjamin washing dishes.


I usually ignore the upstairs until the weekend.  Then I continue to ignore it until Zach decides the house is a mess, and he cleans it up.

My Housekeeping Style.

Honestly, I like a neat house.  Between myself and Zach, we do a decent job at keeping the house acceptably clean.  It’s a little cluttered in some areas and there are an abundance of toys everywhere, but it feels fresh and bright most days.

Other days, I’m just trying to contain the mess.


I had the boys paint poster board with chalkboard paint, then we bordered it with duct tape. They needed something to do.  I forgot that I hate chalk in the house.




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3 Responses to My Housekeeping Style

  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you! Love that you broke it all down into areas of your home. 🙂 I like things to be neat too. It’s hard with a toddler (to keep things tidy) but not so hard to keep things clean, if that makes sense. He dumps containers of toys, looking for one thing, but that’s not as bad as a dirty bathtub. 😉

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