New Scissors

I bought Luke some new scissors about a month ago, near the end of preschool.  He is fairly proficient and careful with the plastic safety ones, so I upgraded him to blunt-ended, metal scissors.  He’s become quite helpful, especially when Ben needs something.


He likes to do preschool worksheets and then cut them into a million bits. Here he still has his plastic safety scissors.

Ziploc bag won’t open?  No problem.  Just use scissors.  Ziploc bag won’t close?  Mom’s problem.

Ben wants a bagel.  Can’t open the twist tie?  Got you covered.  Just use scissors.

This has morphed into a completely unexpected problem of gift-giving.  Luke loves to give gifts.  He spends about one hour of quiet time every day, and has been diligently using that time to wrap gifts.  He has been methodically cutting all of my wrapping paper into properly sized squares, wrapping up everyday items and then bequeathing them to Zach, Ben, myself and Meghan.  Zach gets the brunt of the gifts.  I’ve lost my tape, wrapping paper and some permanent sharpie pens in his room because he’s constantly wrapping gifts and labeling them.

It’s cute until you realize he’s burning through dollars and dollars of wrapping paper, tape and birthday cards.  I asked him to stop using all my cards today and he nearly cried out of disappointment.  I showed him how to make his own cards and envelopes.  Our next craft will need to be homemade wrapping paper.  I’m thinking potato stamps on easel paper or newspaper.

At least he hasn’t cut his hair yet.  I guess we have all summer for that to happen.


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