Preschool is Over. You Can Exit the Minivan.

We have reached the end.  Luke finished preschool.  He had the most amazing year and has repeatedly told me that any other school will never be as good as this one was.  It was just hilarious to hear his stories when he came home.  Oh yeah, Sean puked today.  Right all over the toys.

I was impressed with how much he learned…I was expecting very little learning, but the teachers really worked hard at using every minute for fun schooling.


Pomp and circumstance.

Obviously, it’s not a big deal academically, but it is a big deal to me schedule-wise.  Two round trips a day disrupts my schedule and throws the kids’ schedule off too.  No one enjoys being a taxi driver or rider.

Our saving grace this year has been preschool carpooling.  One of my friends took turns with me dropping off and picking up the boys.  She also has 3 kids.  I was lucky enough to only have 2 kids until mid-school year, and then I had 3 kids too.  That means we each had 4 car seats in our minivans.  That’s gotta be like taking the uncool-minivan factor and squaring it.


Carpooling to preschool.

Luke and his friend Caleb had the cutest conversations ever.  I would do my best to not stay involved…once I was pulled into a conversation, usually the “why” questions would start.  Even when they got into arguments, I would stay out of it.  You don’t mean you’d cut down ALL the trees in the world.  Yes, all of them.  No that’s not possible.  ALL of them?

They would have serious conversations too.  They would talk about God and school and Ninja Turtles and sadly, real people dying.


Last day of school.  Ben, Luke & his friend Caleb.

I am pretty sure this is the best that carpooling is ever going to get.  I cringe at the thought of picking up multiple dirty, sweaty 12-year-old boys after their soccer practice, complete with multiple sets of gear.

Luke’s already missing preschool, and I’m definitely going to miss carpooling next year.  Luke is going to pre-K and I’ll be doing both the drop off and pickup.  Hopefully Ben and Meg will continue their awesomeness and not mind the ride.


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