In the morning, Zach gets the boys ready, unless they sleep in.  Then Luke gets himself dressed, and I get Ben dressed.  Either way, they have a lot of matching clothes but don’t match as often because of different interests.  Ben has been on a Superman-shirt-with-a-cape kick lately, while Luke only wants to wear shirts that say “5T” on the label.

It is quite funny then, when they both run out of their rooms and see each other in matching clothes.  Sometimes one of them runs back into their room to change, but usually they let it slide.

Anything in the truck department is cool.


A friend gave us a bag of hand-me-downs, and it had a 2T cement truck shirt.  It was one of Luke’s favorites until he outgrew it.  This winter, she gave us another bag of hand-me-downs from one of her friends and it had the same cement truck shirt in 4T.  I doubt my friend realized that she had just handed Luke a flashback to his toddler years.  He freaked out and put it on immediately.

Superhero shirts are pretty cool too.  They’re really into ninja turtles.  They’ve never actually seen any TMNT cartoons; their friends are into the ninja turtles so they are too.



We’re trying to get Meghan on board too.  I’m thinking triplet superhero outfits.  Meghan was Batgirl last week.  They said that screaming was her superpower.


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