The Dance of the Humidifier

Here’s the deal.  We bought this elephant humidifier when Luke was born.  One kid, one humidifier.

Elephant Humidifier by Crane

Elephant Humidifier by Crane

It was supposed to be the baby’s humidifier, as in, Luke would grow out of the thing and then the next baby would use it.

That didn’t happen.

Every winter, Luke has really bad congestion and nose bleeds at night.  The humidifier makes a huge difference.  We originally ran it from October to March, but now we have to run it till June because he is horribly allergic to tree pollen.

When Ben came along, we gave Ben the elephant and Luke got a brand new cow.

Cow humidifier by Crane

Cow humidifier by Crane

As it turns out, Ben needed a humidifier even worse than Luke.  He has terrible asthma attacks whenever he gets sick, and moist air helps.  Additionally, his nose bleeds are even worse than Luke.

Then Meghan was born this February.  Winter.  Dry air.

We had two humidifier and three kids.  I was going to spring for a third humidifier in the fall, but Meg had other ideas.

She had really dry skin from the get-go, and then the clincher…Meg got sick.  A head cold.  Sinus issues.  The girl needed a humidifier.

I took the humidifier out of Ben’s room and put it into Meghan’s room.  Ben was in shock.

“My nose will bleed.”

I told him that it might not bleed, and he was on his preventative asthma medicine, so he might be okay.  He could pick out a new humidifier and Meg could have the elephant.  He was cool with that and picked out a hippo humidifier online.  He was fine for 2 days, and then his nose started bleeding like CRAZY.  Worst nose bleeds ever.

His hippo was on the way, but his nose was in bad shape.  It would bleed without provocation and would take forever to stop.

I took Luke’s cow out of his room and put it in Ben’s room.  Luke was in shock.

“But my nose will bleed!”

I told him he was on Claritin and his nose might not bleed.  He was fine for 1 day, and then his nose started bleeding too.  It was a madhouse.

The next day, Ben got a sorely need package.

Hippo humidifier by Crane

Hippo humidifier by Crane

Luke got his cow back and we set up the brand-new hippo in Ben’s room.  Everyone finally had their own humidifier.  The blood stopped flowing as the animals started spouting their moist air.

Three kids, three humidifiers.


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2 Responses to The Dance of the Humidifier

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh, your poor little zoo animals!! 😉 So glad you have all their rooms moisturized (moistened?) now. We just put our two humidifiers away last weekend. Both boys require one all winter (Oct – April) plus if ever they are sick during the other months. :/

    • pokedpotato says:

      Awww, little kids noses are so sensitive!! Glad you were able to put yours away. I always feel good about decluttering their dresser space when the humidifiers are stored. I am thinking about putting Meg’s away and seeing how she does as she is no longer sick.

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