We Have Sprouts!

All of our seedlings are starting to poke up!  It is so nice to see something green after nothing but brown, hibernating plants all winter.  The boys have been watering the seedlings in the eggshell pots with an eye dropper.  The eye dropper is perfect.  It doesn’t create a mess and takes them about 10 minutes to complete their task.  It’s a nice amount of time for a toddler chore while I prepare breakfast in the morning.


We’ve had a minor setback; the seeds that were 3 years old did not sprout at all, so we will have to buy some more carrots, basil and green beans.  Our pumpkins, however, have come up beautifully.  Maybe this year we will actually get pumpkins to grow.

IMG_2866 This is my first time growing peas and oats.  So far, there’s been nothing to it.  We bought a packet that contained both peas and oats.  The packet instructions suggested letting them grow together.  The oats provide something for the pea vines to cling to.  Luke wanted to sort them out though, so they are growing separately.


A few more weeks and we can move everything outside!


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