The Doctor is In

2014-04-30 133820In recent years, like most families with young kids, we have had a disproportionate amount of doctor visits.  Mostly sick and well visits to our pediatrician and my OB/GYN, but you can throw in things like urgent care, ER and overnight hospital trips as well.

Additionally, when I was pregnant, I required progesterone shots, given by my wonderful husband.  Once a week I would get jabbed in the butt cheek, and the boys would pull up chairs to excitedly watch.  As if getting a huge shot wasn’t stressful enough, like I want midget commentators analyzing the poke.

The upside to all this medical business is that the kids aren’t scared of doctors or hospitals one bit.  Ben even got a flu shot in his leg like it was no big deal.  Just a grimace.  Just like Mom.

Luke and Ben love to play doctor.


Meghan getting her ears checked.  She’s not very thrilled about it.

Usually, they make the patient (generally, that’s me) start out in the waiting room.  After a few minutes, the patient is allowed to move to the actual room where work is done on them.  Then, there’s the X-ray room and the bloodwork room.  Finally, the patient is told to check out in yet another room and must provide a credit card to pay for services.

I don’t like playing this game because I have to move around to a lot of different rooms.

Lately, however, they have been doing surgeries, straight up.  No waiting room.  I got a C-section the other day.  It was wonderful.  I laid there, resting for 10 minutes, while they performed the operation.  I gave birth to twins.  One stuffed bear and one Tigger.

It was the funniest thing ever.  I told Zach about it that night.  He cut me off dismissively, “Oh yeah, I got a C-section too.  Except, I was a cow when they were performing the C-section on me.”

“A cow?” I spluttered.

He nodded seriously.  “Yes.  I was a cow.  And then I was a pig and they cut the bacon out of my back.”

I got to be a sheep the next day.  If you’re looking for surgery and are willing to be a farm animal at the same time, come on over.

The doctor is in.


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