A Robot Craft or Hot Glue Gun Anxiety

We finally made the robots that Luke has been bugging me for a month about.  I saved some cans that were drained using a can piercer to prevent sharp edges.  We went hunting in the garage for “Dad’s spare bits” (as Luke put it), and came up with an assortment of things no one will miss.  The boys picked out the robot details and I applied them with a hot glue gun.

I suppose they look decent, but I consider this craft to be a bit of a failure.


Aside from laughing at the phrase “Dad’s spare bits”, I didn’t enjoy putting this craft together.  Luke was mildly displeased that his robot didn’t look like R2-D2.  Because of the hot glue gun, I had to assemble the craft instead of them, and Ben almost touched the tip of it once.  I was a ball of stress, calmly telling them to stay away from the glue gun, while internally screaming YOU’RE GETTING TOO CLOSE TO THE GLUE GUN, MOVE BACK, MOVE BACK!!

Luke got upset when Ben decided to name his robot “Luke”, and then Ben got upset when Luke renamed Ben’s robot “Threepio”.  Kids.  They aren’t really playing with them after one of the cans lost a bolt that was glued on, Frankenstein’s Monster-style.

Right now, they’re wrapping the robots up with a piece of candy, tissue paper and copious amounts of tape.  They’re planning on giving the robots and candy to Zach and me as presents.  That’s just what I need.  A robot from my child that I made myself, and now he’ll never let me throw it away.

At any rate, I am packing up the glue gun and am refusing to do any more crafts that involve hot glue.

Tip to all the parents with small children:  Don’t make these robots.


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