Settling In (Again)

Big life changes seem to happen in the same way.  There’s the initial shock, sometimes there’s a grace period, and then things start to smooth out into a new normal.  We’ve experienced this a few times with major cross-country moves, new jobs, and new babies.  Our last big life change was a baby.  Meghan is now 7 weeks old.  Some days she is the best baby in the world.  Other days, we are just hanging on, hoping that perhaps tomorrow will be better.  Slowly, we are getting back to normal.


Meg absolutely hates her bouncy chair, for unknown reasons, but will tolerate a short amount of time on her back or tummy.  The boys enjoy having her around and believe that she is hanging onto their every word.


She’s a terrible patient.  Dr. Ben does his best, and Meg does her best too.


I actually went for a run two days ago.  It was wonderful after 10 months of not running at all.  I didn’t go fast enough to feel any scar tissue pain from the C-section, but I could tell that my joints were overly loose from the pregnancy.  Luke went running with me during my warm-up and did 20 minutes of trail running.  I think it was about 0.6 miles total for him.  I’m not sure what is acceptable for a 4-year-old, but I thought he could work up to a solid mile this summer.

We’re all adjusting to being a family of 5 instead of 4.  It usually takes a few months for a new routine to emerge.  No one has asked to send the baby back to the hospital, so that’s a good sign.

I’m also back to drinking my coffee cold and on the run…my grace period of hot happiness in a cup is definitely over.  Like I said, back to normal.



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