Bringing Judah Home

I am reposting for my dear friends, Angel & Owen.  They have an online auction going on for a second adoption.  Judah is slated to come home to them in a few short weeks!

When Angel was a little girl, people always asked what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She would always quickly respond, “A Mommy!”  It was in her heart to marry a man that not only loved her, but loved children and a large family as well!

She and Owen were married in 2000 and were pregnant in 2002 with their first son.  Within weeks it was apparent that something much more serious than morning sickness was plaguing Angel’s health.  Shortly into the pregnancy she was diagnosed with severe hyperemesis ( and spent the majority of her pregnancy on bed rest with daily nursing care, a pic-line and IV’s due to dehydration, daily nausea/vomiting and hospitalizations throughout the pregnancy.  She was rarely able to eat or drink and there was always great concern for her organs and overall emotional state.

Sadly, many women do not survive severe hyperemesis or choose to end the pregnancy through abortion so that their symptoms will be relieved.  Although this was not a time in their life that they look back joyously on, they walked through it day by day because they knew that the Lord had a plan for the life of their son.  We are made in the image of the Lord and all life is precious!  Thankfully, he was born healthy- weighing in at almost 9 pounds!

After a second pregnancy with this severe condition that was even worse, Owen and Angel began to fear that their desire for a large family would not be possible.  But, by the grace and mercy of the Lord, He led their family onto a very different journey… ADOPTION!

Two years ago they adopted their first daughter and it was such an amazing adventure!  They  have such a deep love for this little girl that is truly grafted into their family through the covenant that was made with her in their hearts many years ago.

“We prayed and waited for four years for her to arrive!  Although she was not growing in my belly, she was growing in our hearts!  Please consider joining with us on this adoption journey and helping us raise the funds to bring another child to our home.  We truly believe that where the Lord has directed our path, He will provide the resources to follow through!”

Owen & Angel



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2 Responses to Bringing Judah Home

  1. Angel says:

    Oh, thank you sweet friend! I love that you are excited along with us. 🙂

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